Photo transfer onto Etching Plate

I attended an excellent day course on transferring photocopied images onto an etching plate, tutored by Ralph Overill at The London Print Academy. A very useful technique.

Here are a few simple steps to get you started:

  • Find a black and white image or take it into photoshop and convert to Black & White.

  • Photo copy the image using a laser jet printer

  • Submerge photo copied image in water for about 1minute

  • Remove paper from water

  • Mix etching ink with a little linseed oil

  • Dab a sponge in the ink and then dab the image

  • Place the inked up photocopy image onto a prepared etching plate

  • Using your finger or thumb press the ink onto the etching plate

  • Remove the paper and prepare the plate for the acid

  • After the acid bath, ink up the plate, run it through the press and see your black & white image transferred onto paper!



paper plate and print.jpg